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Projects currently in Pre-Production


Getting our films and series funded is our primary focus, and in itself takes an immense amount of preparation and review, collaboration and preliminary steps. Our newest developments which have received contracted financing and co-production deals are listed below. As each project from our development slate is funded and prepares to start  towards shooting, we will add them here. 

Zali Idu 12 years old African Bride .jpg


Narrative feature film, based on a true story. When Lute, a young African girl flees from the traditional ways of an arranged child marriage, she must find a way to survive until she is taken in by an unlikely caregiver and finds her strength to help change things for the many girls who are still facing her same fate.  Set to shoot in Zambia in 2024


Genre: Reality / Human Interest / Animal Conservation 

BAFTA Award-winning filmmakers bring an unscripted true adventure from the wild of Africa. Covering stories about endangered species, animal preservation and the people that help on a daily basis to save these extraordinary wildlife, often putting their own lives at risk to do so. 

Nature In Danger cover.jpg
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